Why You Should Take The Time to Warm Your Car

March 7th, 2018 by

Letting your car’s engine warm up before driving it on a cold day is a piece of advice that has been passed down from parents to their children learning to drive for generations. Although many people claim that modern cars don’t require that warm-up period, there is a reason why this advice holds as true today as it did in the past: it helps to preserve your engine. Here’s why this step is so critical.

Thickened Oil

At low temperatures, engine oil becomes more viscous, clinging to the sides of hoses rather than flowing smoothly through. This makes it more difficult to get the oil to where it needs to be on your engine’s moving parts, which in turn, puts added strain on your engine. It only takes about five minutes for the oil to warm up to give your engine the chance to get lubed up and ready to go.

Cold Rubber Hoses

All of the rubber hoses connecting your engine’s various components will be cold as well, making them brittle and prone to cracking. Forcing thickened engine oil through brittle pipes is a recipe for disaster. The extra force required can create leaks in the hoses. The same goes for rubber belts. Straining them before they’ve warmed up can cause them to crack or break, potentially causing further damage to your engine.

Gasoline Evaporation

Gasoline doesn’t vaporize as well at lower temperatures and it can form droplets inside your engine. When your engine isn’t getting enough gas combustion, you may notice it sputtering or shuddering as you drive. Once the engine has warmed up, though, the gas combusts efficiently, delivering sufficient power to your wheels. Your drive will be much smoother and more comfortable.

The Advantage of a Newer Car

While it is true that most newer cars do not necessarily need to warm up, that doesn’t mean it’s not still a good idea for engine preservation. Letting your car warm up properly before driving makes it easier for your engine to do its job, prolonging the life of your vehicle. Who doesn’t want that?

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