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What is Mercedes-Benz COMAND®?

Green Mercedes-Benz GLS

Mercedes-Benz COMAND® is short for “Cockpit Management and Data system,” but what exactly does this feature do? Simply put, COMAND® is a fully-integrated suite of technology features that lets you control all of your infotainment and connectivity features with one conveniently-located, easy-to-use display. In recent model years, it also allows for a seamless link between your smartphone and your vehicle.

What Can You Do with Mercedes-Benz COMAND®?

The COMAND® system in your Mercedes-Benz vehicle is made up of three primary components: COMAND® Display, COMAND® Navigation, and COMAND® Controller. Here’s what you can expect from each:

  • COMAND® Display – Depending on the vehicle you’ve chosen for your daily drives, you’ll receive one of several available freestanding and embedded display screens.
  • COMAND® Navigation – This Mercedes-Benz mapping technology allows for quicker, easier, and more rewarding trips in the area near Cleveland and Lakewood. Most models allow you to browse points of interest, view your surroundings in 3D, and do so much more.
  • COMAND® Controller – Mercedes-Benz COMAND® systems always include a knob and hard keys for controlling and accessing your favorite features, and most models also include a touchscreen for even quicker access.

On top of all this, your Mercedes-Benz COMAND® system allows you to play your favorite music, make hands-free calls on the go, and send text messages, too!  If you’re having trouble accessing the full potential of your driver interface, it may be that a Mercedes-Benz COMAND® update or a Mercedes-Benz COMAND® system reset is required. Since instructions may vary from model to model, you’ll want to contact us or schedule a service appointment.

Mercedes-Benz COMAND® Smartphone Integration

What’s more, the advantages only grow when you connect a compatible smartphone. Once you’ve integrated your preferred handheld device, you’ll be able to access your favorite entertainment and utility apps on the go! This means it’s easier than ever to stay connected on the go, enjoy your preferred music and podcasts, and get the latest navigation updates and instructions. And, you can do it all without ever picking up your phone.

What’s Next in the World of Mercedes-Benz Infotainment?

Mercedes-Benz COMAND® has been available for more than half a decade, and in 2020, a new Mercedes-Benz driver interface is going to take center stage! In models like the new Mercedes-Benz GLC, you’ll receive the MBUX® system instead! MBUX® stands for Mercedes-Benz User Experience, and with just a few moments behind the wheel, you’re sure to fall in love with what it can do. Here’s what you should keep in mind if you’re ready to trade-up for a new Mercedes-Benz:

  • MBUX® includes a touchscreen, a highly-responsive touchpad, steering-wheel mounted controls, and integrated voice commands, so you can access the features you need with next to no effort, or danger. Whether you want to make a call, pull up directions, or access your favorite smartphone apps, MBUX® makes it easy.
  • If you’re not able to take advantage of the system’s tap, swipe, and pinch-to-zoom controls, simply say “Hey Mercedes!” to summon up your favorite features. Natural Language technology means that you don’t have to memorize any esoteric commands or keywords.

Get More Out of Every Drive with Mercedes-Benz of Bedford!

Whether you need assistance with your own Mercedes-Benz COMAND® system, or you’re ready to experience MBUX® for yourself, you’ll want to come to Mercedes-Benz of Bedford to take the next steps. Contact us today to schedule a test drive or learn more about the latest features.

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