Mercedes-Benz OEM Parts vs. Aftermarket Parts

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When it comes time for an upgrade or repair, you may be planning to use Mercedes-Benz aftermarket parts in order to complete the job. After all, no matter what kind of car you drive, aftermarket parts tend to be more affordable than comparable OEM equipment. However, while you may save initially on the service, you should know that choosing genuine Mercedes-Benz parts for your vehicle ensures a more reliable repair. Genuine Mercedes-Benz accessories are crafted with the same technology and premium materials that go into every Mercedes-Benz model, and Mercedes-Benz aftermarket parts simply can’t stand up to that.

What Are the Benefits of Mercedes-Benz OEM Parts?

Comparing Mercedes-Benz OEM parts vs. Mercedes-Benz aftermarket parts, drivers will find that genuine parts can never truly be duplicated for reasons like:

  • Mercedes-Benz OEM parts are made by Mercedes-Benz to specifically fit your make and model. Meanwhile, most aftermarket parts are made to fit as many models as possible. They simply can’t match the superior fit and design of genuine Mercedes-Benz parts.
  • When you choose Mercedes-Benz parts, your purchase will be protected by the extensive Mercedes-Benz Parts Limited Warranty. If something goes wrong with the part you’ve purchased, we’ll fix the problem and get you back on the road. You won’t get that coverage with Mercedes-Benz aftermarket parts.
  • The marketplace for unofficial equipment is flooded by endless brands, variations, and options. However, when you use our catalog to order parts online, you’ll be able to save time and energy by finding the correct part right away. If you purchase the wrong Mercedes-Benz aftermarket parts, you may not be protected.

What Are Mercedes-Benz Performance Parts?

It’s common knowledge that Mercedes-Benz vehicles are crafted with incredible components and standard features, but they also offer plenty of ways to add a little something extra. To add a boost to your travels around Beachwood and Mayfield, you’d do well to consider the optional performance-enhancing parts. You can find upgrades to your engine, your transmission, or to the smaller features that you interact with every day with the Mercedes-Benz performance parts at Mercedes-Benz of Bedford. These include:

  • An AMG® package
  • Individual AMG® performance parts
  • An ECO-START® system
  • Steering-wheel mounted shift paddles
  • Front-wheel drive
  • Adjustable suspension for comfort, handling, or sport driving

The above-listed are just a few of the Mercedes-Benz performance upgrades we offer! Contact us at Mercedes-Benz of Bedford to learn about more options for drivers from the Cleveland area.

Find Genuine Mercedes-Benz Parts at Mercedes-Benz of Bedford

The dedicated team at our parts department in Bedford can help you explore and understand all of your options before scheduling serviceor repairs. Have an idea of the Mercedes-Benz parts or accessories you need? You can place on order online from the comfort of your home with Mercedes-Benz of Bedford!

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