It is Time to De-Winterize Your Mercedes-Benz

March 7th, 2018 by

SLC 300 Roadster
You were ready for winter and survived it with style. Many drivers assume that it’s just a matter of switching out the tires to be ready for the milder weather and smoother conditions, but there are actually a few more things you should take care of before you take to the roads.

Tired Tires

Tire pressure is important for proper handling, traction, and to minimize wear and tear. During colder months, the air in your tires compresses with low temperatures, so your tire pressure reads lower than normal. You remedy this by adding more air.

Now that the months are warmer, the air in your tires will be less compressed, so your tire pressure reading will be higher. Add to this the likelihood that you will be driving more in the nice weather–which means more friction between the road and your tires, which means increased heat, which raises tire pressure even further – and if you aren’t careful, you might be headed for a blown tire. Check your tire pressure regularly, especially during the transition between seasons.

Strive for Balance

When you get your first post-winter oil change, you might as well–and should–get your wheel alignment and balance checked. You probably enjoyed a few potholes on the road – from the freezing and thawing temperature shifts, which can throw your tires’ weight off, damage the tread, and maybe even the rim. Getting your wheels realigned and balanced will help you maximize fuel economy and prevent more wear and tear, which will keep you safer – and save you hundreds of dollars down the line.

Wiper Blade Wisdom

Ice and salt are not kind to rubber; the edges of your wiper blades may have torn or deteriorated, but you need them to make full contact with the windshield to work properly. The snow will be replaced with spring showers, which will also challenge your visibility.

An easy way to check your blades is to wet your windshield and then test them to make sure they are wiping the windshield clean. Then, you can replace them before being caught in the first downpour of the spring.

Spring Cleaning

That first car wash after the winter is a special one; it’s like washing away the cold dreariness. More importantly, your undercarriage may have been splashed with salt and other chemicals from the wintry roads, and these can erode critical parts. It is, therefore, an excellent idea to get an undercarriage service. Then, treat your vehicle to a wax, which will not only make it gleam but will protect it from the upcoming heat and sunlight.

Mercedes-Benz of Bedford can tell you exactly what you need to get your vehicle ready for the spring. Book a service or speak to our service specialists online or over the phone.

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