Get Your Mercedes-Benz Fall Ready

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Summer is slowly fading and it’s time to prepare for the fall and winter months ahead. Not only is it time to dig your pumpkin decorations out of storage and to start making plans for Thanksgiving, but it’s also important to consider how you’ll need to prepare your vehicle for the colder weather.

Whether you have a coupe, sedan, or SUV, it is always safe to have your Mercedes-Benz regularly checked. Take a look below at Mercedes-Benz of Bedford‘s tips for getting ready for fall.

The last thing you want is to be stranded on the side of the highway in freezing temps. This is just one event that could occur if you neglect car prep for the upcoming colder months. Not to mention the fact that dangerous driving conditions can wreak havoc on your vehicle, so it’s important to prepare as best you can to ensure that your car is ready for cold-weather driving.

1. Get an alignment check…

All those summer road trips likely had some effect on your tires. Be smart and have them rotated and aligned, just to be sure they’re ready for the chillier months.

While we are taking care of this, have them check your tires as well for pressure and condition.

Driving in cold or icy weather with bald tires isn’t safe and if your tires are in bad condition, you should consider buying a set of new ones.

2. Get important materials for emergencies…

Who knows where your winter travels will take you, but wherever you go, it’s important to be prepared for traffic jams, unexpected accidents, and other potential hazards.

You can be sure that you and your family are safe by stocking your car with a few important staples:

– Sleeping bags

– Water bottles

– Collection of small snacks

– Jumper cables

– Cat litter (for traction in ice)

– Shovel

– First-aid kit

– Flashlight

Keep yourself and your family safe in the cold weather…

With a trip to our service department and some quick stocking, your car will be better equipped than ever for the colder weather.

Visit Mercedes-Benz of Bedford today to have your tires taken care of and your oil and fluids checked. To book a service appointment online, click here.

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